Help Angelo Mio Today!

Angelo Mio had Emergency Surgery Yesterday!


Angelo Mio has had an ongoing infection since she was rescued from the streets of Taiwan! She had dramatically improved since coming to Villa Chardonnay over a year ago. However, she recently had a set back and was rushed to the hospital yesterday where they had to amputate her front leg.

We have to finalize payment to the hospital this week, please donate. Villa Chardonnay has paid $1,000 as a deposit, PLEASE help us raise an additional $2,843 that we need for the remainder of the bill...

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Here is Angelo, feeling much better at home! - SEE HER ENTIRE STORY BELOW!

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Angelo came to Villa Chardonnay from the streets of Taiwan over a year ago. When she arrived she has severe infections in both of her front legs, she had been found walking on her elbows in the streets and had severe infections. We immediately took her to a specialist in the San Diego area for a consultation. They suggested strong antibiotics to get the infections under control. We did...and she immediately started to improve.

This is a video of how Angelo Mio walked when she first arrived...with her "bent" back, barely getting around. 20141218 082654

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After a few months of constant medical care by Monika, she started to come around and her infections started to heal....and miraculously her back started to straighten out. She started running and playing with all the dogs! ASHER DOV IS HER BEST FRIEND!

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The doctor has given us a very good prognosis for Angelo, she will do just fine without her leg and her infections will be dramatically reduced and hopefully gone forever. She is such a sweet doggy, loves to be pet and loves her snacks and food. PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE OUR CARE FOR HER AND ALSO HELP TO PAY THE UNEXPECTED MEDICAL BILLS. Help Sweet Angelo Mio and DONATE TODAY!

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