An Amazing Partnership Helping Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Villa Chardonnay as Joined Forces with PCLC and APK Serene

Thank you Kelli Tillquist for the amazing video!

We are very proud to create a partnership with Pacific Coast Learning Center (PCLC) of San Marcos and APK Serene of Oceanside. Both programs provide services to a wide variety of adults with developmental disabilities. Many of these people have severe cognitive impairments and are transitioning from institutional life to enjoy the benefits of community living.

"I see such a strong connection between all of the animals at the sanctuary and the individuals we serve. The lives of the animals parallel that of our patients. They are all living in a place that has given them another chance and, as a result, they are starting to flourish. I saw Mikey, a patient that I have worked with for years who does not communicate verbally, actually start to laugh out loud and giggle as he was feeding carrots to the horses. I have seen him smile but never laugh. He was absolutely giddy! It was an incredible moment. All of us who witnessed it shed tears of joy.” - Dr. Deborah Varos of PCLC.

Equestrian therapy (also known as equine therapy or Equine-Assisted Therapy [EAT]) is a form of therapy that makes use of horses to help promote emotional growth. Equestrian therapy is particularly applied to patients with ADD, anxiety, autism, dementia, delay in mental development, down syndrome and other genetic syndromes, depression, trauma and brain injuries, behavior and abuse issues and other mental health issues.

Below are just a few of the amazing moments each time they visit the ranch!

MIKEY laughing while feeding some of the horses!

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    Dr. Deborah Varos, Louise Gardner, Alexa Paylado Kisner and Monika Kerber!

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    The gang having lunch! Many decided to wear their Cowboy Hats!

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    And the Final Crew!

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"In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens." - Jodie Mitchell

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