Meg- Spon by Cinde

Meg is on of the three horses we rescued from Vacaville. Sadly their owner of 20+ years passed away and the property where they have been living has been sold. The new owners want them out. They are in Vacaville and have a long road to travel to get here. A vet has checked them and feel confident they can make the trip.

Each of these older babies need sponsorship Meg, Sonny and Cher - We know so many of you shared our compassion to save these horses - AND YOU DID! Without your donations we could not have saved them! Please take your compassion one step further and consider sponsoring Meg, Sonny or Cher! Sponsorships start at ONLY $25 per month and YOU can cancel at any time. PLEASE HELP THEM A LITTLE FURTHER!

Cinde is sponsoring Meg for $25 a month! Won't you sponsor her too?


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"In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens." - Jodie Mitchell

Villa Chardonnay, Horses with Wings, is a sanctuary dedicated to the compassionate care of animals, primarily horses. We provide love, a home and critical care for abused, neglected, slaughter bound and abandoned creatures.