Angelo Mio

Angelo Mio is one of many dogs and animals who suffer in other countries. She has been in Taiwan for the first year of her life...struggling on the street. She was found crawling on her elbows, not known if she had an accident or was born with a deformity. Her loving spirit and never ending happiness has kept her alive in some of the most horrible conditions ever seen by a dog.

Angelo Mio has two severe infections in both of her front legs. As of Jan. 2015 she is being treated with specialized antibiotics, her infections are very resistant and her full prognosis is unknown at this time. We must get her infections under control before we can have surgery on her legs.

This is Angelo in Taiwan

  • Angelo rt elbow

    She had surgery and a skin graph on her right elbow. Both legs have become severely infected. Angelo Mio is about one and a half years old, in Taiwan she had her first surgery in August of this year to put a metal plate into her right front leg. The bone had deteriorated due to osteomyelitis, a severe bone infection. The infection was so bad that a section of her bone is actually missing.However, we do see improvement since she has come to her new home at Villa Chardonnay!

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    Here we are, Monika and Louise, picking up Angelo at LAX after her 15 hour flight from Taiwan. Dec. 6, 2014. She was exhausted and starving...but still in good spirits!

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    This is sweet little Angelo while we are waiting to see the surgeon in San Diego. We have since done a surgical procedure to do a culture on both of her legs, directly into the wounds, to define the exact type of infection she we have the best chance of fighting and saving her life.

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