Tristan was a sweet boy who came to us almost 3 years ago with his best friend Surpprise.  You may recall that Tristen and Surprise were rescued from a local ranch just before the owners were planning to shoot them!

Yes, Tristan was older, had a neurological problem causing his hind legs to twist and he also had a tumor on his spine.  But he was not in any pain, ate food very well.  He did better on steroids, so we kept him on those for the end of his days.  But he was healthy and didn't go down and was not in distress for nearly 3 years.

As is our mission, we cannot let an animal suffer, when he did finally go down and was not comfortable getting up, we did one of the hardest things to do at a sanctuary, we put him down to rest in peace.

Not too many people paid much attention to Tristan, he wasn't handsome, and sometime difficult to look at with his twisted back legs, but we loved him so much and gave him everything we could. Kept him warm in winter and plenty of good food and his favorite grain!



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"In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens." - Jodie Mitchell

Villa Chardonnay, Horses with Wings, is a sanctuary dedicated to the compassionate care of animals, primarily horses. We provide love, a home and critical care for abused, neglected, slaughter bound and abandoned creatures.