Frenchy aka Warshanor

Frenchy was a US Army Veteran who served our country for 4 years!

Frenchy was loved by all and he was very sweet with all the horses.  He had a very special friend Yaffa who misses him more than anyone.  Some of you may remember the story of Black Beauty and Duchess.

Well, there is another story of Frenchy and Yaffa.  After Frency passed away, Yaffa became terribly depressed and stopped eating. She didn't move from the corner of her paddock and just kept her head down.  We had to start feeding her fluids and give her medications to make her hungry and eat.  She was so depressed we called the vet and we thought she might not make it, she lost at least 150 pounds.

Frenchy passed from a horrible long illness that was finally  diagnosed as congestive heart failure.  We loved him so much and worked very hard to save him.

Frenchy was sponsored by Susan and Dean Johnson of Temecula and we thank them so much for their help support and love during his illness.



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