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Miss Duchess is partially sponsored by Ginger Roach! Miss Duchess is a beautiful 18 year old Thoroughbred! She is the grand daughter of Seattle Slew, the Triple Crown Winner in 1977. Like many horses, her pedigree was excellent and she should have been a contender at the track. However, pedigree is not always everything...she was trained and introduced on the track, but never won a race. She moved on to greener pastures.

Miss Duchess came to Villa Chardonnay in 2013. You may recall she became best friends with Black Beauty, just like the children's book Black Beauty, where Duchess was Black Beauty's mother. Black Beauty unexpected passed away in early 2014 and Miss Duchess was distraught and so sad at the loss of her best friend. The photo on the left is the day that Black Beauty passed away and Duchess would not leave her side, she cried when she passed away. She is still lonely and misses her very much.

Miss Duchess is partially sponsored by Ginger Roach! $50

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