Bella is a Tennessee Walker and she is young and beautiful! She has tremendous emotional/psychological issues and can be slightly dangerous. She became fast friends with Chardonnay when she first came to Villa Chardonnay and she has been with us for about 7 years.  Bella was in training as a Tennessee Walker and was subjected to torcher and abuse that is common in that industry. Emotionally she could not take it.

Bella is a special-needs horse because she was so abused when she was young and in early training. She has a very good pedigree and her owners wanted her trained as a Tennessee walker, but their methods can be highly abusive. They chain their legs and do horrible things to get them to walk in the Tennessee Walker fashion. We believe that Bella did not take well to her training and since we have known her, she has very severe emotional problems.

Bella is not very approachable, especially by strangers. However, if you get inside her stall and start to groom her, she is one of the most gentle and loving of horse that we have. We currently have her under special training, and she is making good progress. The trainer is as close as we can get to a horse whisperer and he is making progress, so hopefully one day Bella can be fully recovered and happy.



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Villa Chardonnay, Horses with Wings, is a sanctuary dedicated to the compassionate care of animals, primarily horses. We provide love, a home and critical care for abused, neglected, slaughter bound and abandoned creatures.