Surprise- Spon by Kimberly

Little Surprise is adorable. She is a little Welsh Pony, about 27 years old,  who has had a very tough life. She was rescued with her friend Tristen from a farm in the area.  They had been left behind after the owners moved and the new owners did not want to care for them any longer, in fact they had arranged for the neighbors to come over and shoot both of them.  A caretaker heard the plans and called us to see if we would take them, of course we did. 

Surprise was very feral when we received her, it took Monika and I hours to get a blanket on her the first time!  She has calmed down in the 2 years she has been at Villa.  Sadly, her friend Tristan died a couple of months ago.  Surspise is now with all the other ponies and having a great time with her new friends!




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