Ziggy, a 23 year old Palomino gelding, is such a sweet boy and what a good patient! Yes, that is Ziggy coming out of surgery after he was diagnosed with cancer in March of this 2011.

We thought initially that he would loose his eye, but hopefully survive the cancer surgery. Dr. Brendan Mangan stepped in a donated his time for the surgery. God bless him, as he is truly our angel with wings! He saved Ziggy's life and also his eye.
Ziggy is still being seen by Dr. Mangan once a week or so and we are still giving Ziggy medication 2-3 times a day directly into his eye. Ziggy has never put up a fuss or had any problems with these months of treatments so far. Thus far the cancer has not returned, but we are not out of the woods yet and will keep you all updated. Needless to say Ziggy has some very special needs and could sure use a sponsor!

Ziggy is proudly sponsored by Ruthie Combs!



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