Yuri was rescued from a condemned house in San Bernardino where couple dozen cats were living in terrible conditions.  There was a man living in there and I asked him to please ask for help to save those cats but he said they were fine so I ebgged to please give me the ones in worse condition so he gave me Yuri and Sasha.  Yuri was almost blind and very dehidrated on the other hand Sasha had only one beautiful eye left, it appeared that somebody shoot him maybe with a bibe gun and was almost dying so I rushed both to our veterinarian in Temecula.  All this happened 5 years ago and now Yuri and Sasha have grown to be two beutiful cats, very loving and trusting.  Yuri loves Louise very much and is a cuddler.



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"In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens." - Jodie Mitchell

Villa Chardonnay, Horses with Wings, is a sanctuary dedicated to the compassionate care of animals, primarily horses. We provide love, a home and critical care for abused, neglected, slaughter bound and abandoned creatures.